From Plant To A Thousand Flavors

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Meanwhile the brewing of a thousand cups begins with a single plant, Camellia Sinenis. From this humble tree, a variety of tea drinks can be brewed. And with it, Thousand Teas lives up to its name.

So hang loose; enjoy the camaraderie and interesting conversations over of a shared cup of warm tea.  Watch and marvel as you see the tea leaves unfurl slowly, steadily, and beautifully like any good story. As you wind up a satisfying chat, give yourself a treat with the chewy sweet and refreshing goodness of a ginger cookie. Go ahead lose yourself in the myriad of possibilities and enjoy the diversity that we can offer.

Sencha: Capturing the vitality and vibrancy of spring, this tea will entrance you with its delicate verdant color. Each sip will remind you of the atmosphere after a refreshing drizzle with a slightly astringent and grassy flavor.

Oolong Black: Oolongs or Black Dragon teas have a reputation as among the best teas in the world with their subtle flavors they are acclaimed as the” champagne of tea “. Black oolong tea boasts reddish brown liquor with a slightly smoky and nutty flavor.

Oolong Green: Oolongs or Black Dragon teas have a reputation as among the best teas in the world with their subtle flavors they are acclaimed as the” champagne of tea “. Green oolong is closer to green tea than its black counterpart is. It has a yellow green color with a very floral and delicate flavor and aroma.

Assam Tea: Hailing from the far off hills of India , each cup takes one to the exotic locales of this far off land. This tea has a red color with a surprisingly brisk and malty with subtle hint of fruitiness.

Iron Goddess: Steeped in legend, the origins of this variety are subject to much debate but what is undisputed is the quality of this tea, which has made it a valued gift in China . With a pale yellow liquid, it has a grassy quality without the associated bitterness while at the same time gaining a fruity and smoky quality.

Jasmine Tea: Made by layering jasmine flowers with the highest quality green tea, it adds a delicate fragrance to the subtle and light qualities of Chinese green tea. The resulting pale yellow liquid has a very sweet taste that has made it the most sought after type of scented tea.

Genmaicha: This Japanese tea combines roasted rice to high quality Bancha green tea. With the rice popping as part of the roasting process it is also known as popcorn tea and has a combination of roasted and grassy aromas. Consumed in Japan as a digestive aid, it balances the grassy taste of Japanese green tea with a flavor that’s somewhat reminiscent of popcorn.

Ceylon Tea: Coming from the island of Sri Lanka home to some of the best teas in the world Ceylon tea offers a dark colored and strong flavored tea. Most Ceylon tea is processed using traditional techniques that give it a very full-bodied taste with a strong aroma.

Earl Grey: Originating from England , the origins of this variety as most other tea variety is filled with mystery, but is considered among the most popular in the world. It combines the strong full bodied taste of black tea with the soft citrus undertones of the Bergamot Orange.

Mint Tea: Mint Tea combines Chinese green tea with mint leaves and is popular in the Middle east and Africa where it is considered a digestive aid. It is also reputed to help ease stomach aches and nausea. The combination of mint and green tea gives mint tea a very crisp and refreshing flavor that leaves a cool aftertaste.

Thousand Tea Blend: Reflecting the myriad varieties of tea, this blend is a combination of the best teas in the world. By combing different types of tea, we can offer a smooth, fragrant, and strong tea that reflects the complexity of tea.

Lavender Tea: Combining high quality oolong tea with fragrant lavender this tea has soothing properties that helps one relax from a long day at the office. It has a very fragrant aroma and has a very smooth and sweet taste.

Osmanthus Tea: A blend of oolong tea and fragrant osmanthus blossoms this tea is among the finest in the world. Long prized for their cleansing properties that help maintain beautiful skin, it is also sought after for its fine aroma that can be smelled from a distance that lends a sweet taste to the tea.

Chamomile Tea: Long used to help soothe raw nerves, maintain beautiful skin, and as a digestive aid this tea has long been prized as an herbal remedy. The tea has a pale yellow color has a sweet fragrance  and taste reminiscent of apples.

Rose Tea: Roses are not just for romantic getaways but they also make for very good teas. Rose tea has long been prized for its ability to cleanse and stimulate the blood making it ideal for those suffering from anemia. This tea has a lightly floral and sweet taste with a slightly tangy flavor.

Blooming Teas: Truly, a feast for the senses, each blossom is handcrafted using the finest teas and beautiful flowers. Just place the ball into the teapot, add water, and marvel as the tea magically unfurls into a flower. With various flowers to choose from, the blooming tea offers a truly unique tea experience.

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