Blooming Tea

As a classroom teacher, one of my main concerns was ‘How can I get my reluctant readers interested in reading?’… I’d ask other teachers, attend professional development seminars, read books, and search the internet to find whatever available about the topic. What I read and researched seemed to connect to what was happening in my classroom… most often, it was my male students, (not all) but mostly, which would openly state that they disliked reading.

They did not read for pleasure at home and being an avid reader and knowing how important literacy skills are for success in most occupations- I needed to change they way these students viewed reading. Not only for their success as students but for their futures and perhaps (this was always my secret wish) I could lead them to a new path, one that leads them to loving literacy. Whether my reluctant readers found a love and passion for comics, mysteries, reading blogs, or a love of technical or how-to books! So long as it changed their view of reading; I was elated!

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